IT For Children

The “IT For CHILDREN ” is an 80 hour part-time Course offered by MKCL, specially designed for school students as an introductory course on the use of Information Technology in day-to-day life, aiming to empower them in the emerging digital era of the 21st century. It will help them improve their efficiency and enhance their effectiveness in the various activities of their academic and day-to-day life.


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The academic sessions are delivered using rich multimedia based, inform and perform type of e-Content that will help the learner to actually produce hundreds of Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW) related outputs using Computers, Internet and Scratch Programming.

Training in a simplified way depends on graphics and cartoons for children to enable them to use the computer in a simple and interesting method.

Activities in IT for Children
  • Creating project report on A Journey In To Space
  • Creating a Flyer – Health Fair
  • Creating a Booklet of Measurement Units
  • Creating a Chart of Living and Non-Living Things
  • Creating a Greeting Card – Mother’s Day
  • Creating a Photo Album
  • Creating Greeting Card
  • Measurement Unit Converter
  • Exam Record Management
  • Learning Motion Types through Power Point

And much more …


The syllabus covered as a part of the course will be:

Module 1:

Basic IT Applications

MS Word 2010

MS Excel 2010

MS PowerPoint 2010

Module 2:

Internet activities

Module 3:

Scratch Programming

MICIT Verification