What We Do

MKCL’s synthesis of a new paradigm of education is to offer education, governance and empowerment solutions and services :

  • To very large and diverse population with various diversities – Bigger
  • With high quality of relevance and applicability in life and work – Better
  • At an affordable cost – Cheaper
  • Within shortest possible time – Faster
  • With wide accessibility from metros to villages – Wider
  • In a mass-personalized and deeper experiential manner – Deeper

Services & Programs

This program is the only one to be offered at a low competitive cost. It has been widely accepted in India, it has attracted nearly 10 million learners in 9 years at a rate of 1 million learners annually, including students, teachers, professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as farmers, workers…

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Electronic correction system with a simple design makes it very easy, Super easy to use the Microsoft Excel Template Designer, Work with regular printers or multifunction printers without the need for special printers, Ability to scan OMR sheets using scanners There is no need for a special scanner…

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Online examination system Which is being implemented for more than 10 years at Saudi universities, contains a question bank that supports the latest versions of Office 2016 with the tools of building educational content, Special account for each student to enter the system, Includes…

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MKCL’s KLiC Diploma offers a unique opportunity of choosing role-based modules as per choice and building your own diploma. This approach provides the benefit of learning skills across multiple streams/tracks useful to build a successful career. KLiC Diploma provides role-specific and wholesome work centric training; so as to…

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The “IT For CHILDREN ” is an 80 hour part-time Course offered by MKCL, specially designed for school students as an introductory course on the use of Information Technology in day-to-day life, aiming to empower them in the emerging digital era of the 21st century. It will help them improve their efficiency and enhance their…

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In addition to the IT literacy courses, MKCL, under its brand WAVE, also offers employability skills development courses in many disciplines such as Digital Arts, Publishing, Illustrations, Multimedia and Animation, Web Designing, Video Editing, Programming, Hardware and Networking, Life Skills for Workplace…

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