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MKCL Arabia Egypt is a Limited Liability Company based in Cairo, Egypt and is incorporated under the laws of Arab Republic of Egypt. MKCL Arabia Egypt is a subsidiary of MKCL Arabia Ltd.

MKCL Arabia Limited, a Limited Liability Company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is incorporated under the laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Commercial Registry No. 1010243561 dated 1429/01/21. MKCL Arabia Ltd is a joint venture company established by International Company for Education and e-Learning(ICEEL), Saudi Arabia and MKCL International FZE sharaja. MKCL International FZE is a 100% subsidiary of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd India (MKCL India). MKCL India has many remarkable achievements in the field of e-Learning, eGovernance and eEmpowerment in India. MKCL Arabia Ltd is promoted to create new paradigm in education, development and empowerment through universalization and integration of Information Technology in learning and empowerment processes in particular and socio-economic transformative processes in general in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our Vision

To develop world-class and value-based  learning and empowerment systems that are both necessary for building the knowledge society and responsive to the individual and social developmental needs of the people of Egypt by bridging the Digital Divide


Our Mission

To promote e-Learning and Empowerment,

  • to a very large population with various diversities
  • With high quality
  • At an affordable cost
  • At fast pace with the widest accessibility

As it is critical for survival, development and empowerment of individuals, communities and nations.


Our Goals

  • To prepare the people for knowledge-based economy and society and to bridge the Digital Divide and the resultant Knowledge Divide.
  • To provide quality education and training opportunities and promote sustainable development and capacity building in the Educational domain.
  • To render services to organizations working in the education field by way of imparting training and knowledge skills.
  • To stimulate commitment, involvement and creative thinking in Education.
  • To develop an innovative Arabic e-Content for Educational and Community Resources.
  • To promote lifelong learning so that holistic development and personal achievement of each person is attained.

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